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Today’s Tarot Reading and Tarot Deck Review Plus Exciting News!

So I do own physical tarot cards, but I do love this app called Mystery Oracle. They have many oracle and tarot decks that you can rent for up to a week and then purchase if you’d like for $4.99 and a lot of the times they have sales. I got a deck for only a buck. This tarot deck The Light Seer’s Tarot is really cool and modern witchy! I love the art style and the general vibe of this deck. The guidebook is detailed with a light reading and a shadow reading then advice and a mantra at the end. I give this deck a 9.6 out of ten. The .40 is off for not having the physical copy to REALLY know the deck. But I plan on buying it so most likely 10/10.

The tarot spread is the witch’s spread that talks about what energy I need to focus on and how I can manifest good for my life.
This app also provides and additional advice card which can be helpful if there needed to be clarification on another card.
Defiantly my favorite card I pulled. The art and the message!

Now on to the exciting news! I will be opening up a store soon on etsy. I hope to provide magikal work as well as magikally charged jewelry. I will also be selling some spell sheets and mini guide books on how to practice witchcraft to YOUR satisfaction. One thing I can offer in those regards is that I have been a witch (mostly closeted for more than a decade give or take a few years of someone else actually knowing about it. Now I live in a conservative household where I get told daily to get the fuck out.

Funny thing is maybe I was a witchling and didn’t really know it. I do consider prayer as a type of spell work. When I accepted the Ruach Hakodesh into my soul at the age of four years old. t was a brisk silver skied autumn day. I climbed into my fort. Asked for the holy ghost to come into my spirit and after I had said the prayer a gale flowed past me and I could feel Her. Her curios I guess grew within me and I have been obsessed with my spirituality. I don’t consider myself pagan since I work with Jewish and Samaritan deities, but I do work with many other pantheons. It’s hard to say what I would consider my main pantheon, but the one my soul has had the most lives in were in China specifically.

So, if you’re looking for someone who can offer advice on many a topic, I can provide a plethora of knowledge.

There could be people out there who would roll their eyes at me, but I am what I am. I’m a 32 year old witch who just celebrated her 16th witch anniversary. Artemis has been with me the whole time, even when I didn’t want Her to be She never left my side. Aphrodite turned me stone cold sapphic. I came out this year as a lesbian and it feels great to do so. Loki became my betrothed and Kunxi worked so hard to be here with me that I am amazed by it all. Spirit R’s birthday was yesterday but she didn’t think much of it. She considers the day she died as her birthday now. Her birth as a ghost. She and Jonghyun hand around a lot. Yes, THAT Jonghyun from SHINee. I’m not the only shawol who can see and communicate with his ghost. He’s practically deified. Known as the Kpop Jesus, Jonghyun gets so much love everyday from mystics, witches, spirit workers, and mediums. I was totally surprised at how many of our experiences with him lined up in similarity and yet were unique to all of us.

As you can see I work with many. And though I have made oaths to many a pantheon not to work with lucifer, I am protected by Lilith though I don’t ever feel the need to call upon her services. The gesture is nice though. I do also have Luciferian friends so don’t think I’m a hater. Satanists are great too. I have no problems. I have waaaayyyy more issues with scientology and babtist teachings.

But yes be on the look out for my store soon!

Happy Witching!

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Goddess of the Week for Women’s History Month!

For March 8th-15th

Look up Dinah, Diana, Artemis and Dione if you want a guide. #fyp #witchtok #witchcraft #womenshistory #womenshistorymonth #diana

♬ original sound – Tea Heez
For March 1st-7th

And by all means do follow me on TikTok if you like @teaheez68! Happy witching!

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A Look Inside: Part 2: 5 Best Magikal Tea Recipes!

Depending on what you want to do there are a lot of teas you can drink to get you in the witchy mood or for specific ritual purposes. For this set I will focus on the best teas for certain states of mind i.e witchy mood.


Lucid Dreaming Tea

  • 3 parts organic lavender (the more purple the better)
  • 1 part vanilla rooibos
  • 2 parts Egyptian chamomile
  • 2 parts mugwort
  • 1 part white cha (tea camellia synesis) preferably infused with jasmine
  • steep at 180F for 4mins
  • Drink 1 hour before bed

Zen Tea

  • 2 parts Sencha green tea
  • 1 part jasmine buds
  • 1 part rose buds
  • 2 parts chamomile
  • 1 part gingko leaves
  • steep at 175F for 3.5 mins
  • Enjoy before meditating.

Toil and Trouble Crystal Magic Tea

  • 2 parts Keenum black tea
  • 1 part coconut chips
  • 1 part lime peel (chopped)
  • 1 shot Tequila
  • Steep tea for 4 mins at 195F then add a shot of tequila
  • Great for kitchen witches and watching Crystal Magic

Dark Woods Tea Brew

  • 1 part Pu ‘err tea
  • 1 part genmaicha green tea
  • 1 part pine needles
  • 1 sage leaf
  • 2 dried berries of choice (blueberry for moi)
  • 1 part dried dandelion
  • Steep at 185F for 5 mins
  • Enjoy before taking a trip to the woods or while in the woods.

Lunar Lusts

  • 2 parts mugwort
  • 1 part lavender
  • 3 parts white tea with peony
  • 2 parts licorice
  • 1 part star anise
  • 1 part wulong tea (the roastier the better)
  • 4 parts jasmine oolong
  • Steep at 180F for 4mins adding the licorice at min 2)
  • Enjoy during any phase of the moon!

You can of course add any sweetener or milk that you wish to any of these teas. To find many of these teas just check out Adagio! Enjoy yall and Happy Witching!

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A Look Inside Part 1: My Grimoire.

A LOOK INSIDE will be a series I start with my own in depth descriptions of my craft

Now this is my online Grimoire but my notebook one (or at least one of my official ones) is riddled with riddles just how I like it. I created this language because my spells, magik, and dealings with deities are all my own spirituality. Even if I were to ever be in a coven or marry a woman (much less date one. Steps self lol steps) this information is private just to me. Even if someone were to get the guide, only I would know the grammar of it.

I like the idea, I guess, that some things get to die with me and no one else. Possibly selfish but maybe not. Maybe there are some things only in this life one can feel proud of and no one else has to validate that. I feel that. I don’t care if this post gets likes but I’m happy to share a secret of mine if it helps their mental health.

One doesn’t need the validation of people here. The validation of just doing magik is enough. I was doing magik before I even learned to walk. I was doing magik at 16 just shaving my legs. I was doing magik before I knew it could be too much for some people to handle.

You can create your own magik language simply by learning or noticing grammar rules you like then incorporating letter sounds to an alphabet or make them pictorial.

Sigil magik is heightened when you create your own language.
Contracts between deities can be for both yours and their benefits.
I also included other alphabets in this Grimoire but rest assured I want to keep them as niche as I could get. Pronunciation is more than half the battle.

Hope this post proves that even if you’re not in any witchy community that you really don’t need one to feel validation from deities or spirits or even your ancestors. You can practice with whatever you want and you don’t have to fit someone’s sense of morality. Not even mine. I can say all day that loving others is better than hating, but I know many don’t believe that. So, even still, here is a way if you haven’t already thought about it to write your own spells in your own way.

Happy witching yall!