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All About Lugh

Though Lugh, or Lug, is not a deity I normally work with I’ll be working more closely with Him in the future. One of my spirit sons, K we’ll call him, needs direction and a patron of his own. K’s father, a former reaper named Kunxi, and I both agreed Lugh would be the perfect match to help our son fufill his potential. I will give more updates on that front, but in the meantime here are some facts about Lugh that made us come to the decision:

  • Lugh is the God of nobility and justice.
  • God of oaths.
  • Also, a trickster God and well Loki (to whom I am godspoused to) suggested Him.
  • A great warrior.
  • A God of the arts and magik (to which K excels at).
  • A great smith.

I will be researching offerings to Lugh so if anyone has a good resource that would be great. In the Celtic pantheon I work with Danu and the Morrigan but have also met the Goddess Oonagh whom I really enjoy getting to know. Thus far, I believe Lugh will be the first God in the Celtic pantheon I will meet. I am both excited and nervous as that is expected. But I am looking forward to updating what happens!

Thank you for reading and happy witching!

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Why Ridding Yourself of Toxic People Improves Your Spirituality.

Toxic people: what are they? They are the ones that manipulate you into thinking you are the problem. That you’re not self aware enough FOR THEM. They insult you, but when you counter that they take it as an insult. They have a hard time keeping friends and an even harder time feeling empathy or sympathy for you. They use you as an emotional crutch to pretty much feed their own ego. They abuse you mentally, physically, sometimes sexually, but most importantly spiritually.

Letting go of these people is often hard especially if you opened the doors for them to interact with your spiritual life. They were the ones that prayed for you, talked to the Gods on your behalf, or even was just accepting of your own path…until it got in the way of theirs. When that happens they hate that their world view has been shattered. You could classify many of them as energy vampires ready to suck the very life force right out of you until you’re unable to truly know what happened.

But you can let them go and even banish them from your life. You don’t have to be in the cycle of abuse especially if the abuse feels familiar. Stop engaging in their behavior, block them on social media, hope for the best for them, but don’t let yourself have lingering thoughts about them because they won’t think too much of you.

Be free from their oppression.

Once you do you’ll find that your spiritual path will grow immensely. Clarity about your real self, not the the self THEY painted for you, but the the self you defined will take form. It will blossom and will seed new parts of yourself you never thought you’d ever have.

For me, I allowed two long friendships die. Two long too toxic friendships die. And I am finding the beauty in the friendships in my life that really mattered. I’m finding army of me that doesn’t allow people to bully me into thinking I’m a certain way when I’m not. I found the clarity about myself that yes I see a lot of ugly about myself, but I like those parts of me just as much as I like the pretty parts. I maybe a sloppy slut that lies to protect myself, but I’m also that bitch that stands up for people, holds them when they cry, both physically and emotionally pick people up when they’re down, and I’m that idiot that’s loyal to a fault even when people don’t deserve it.

I’ve decided though, going forward to 2021, that I should earn trust and people should earn mine. When that trust is broken it’s time to move on and not look back.

The army of me will continue to thrive.

I hope, whomever reads this, yours does the same.

Happy witching ya’ll!

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Intro and Happy Yule 2020!

So this will be my online grimoire. I usually keep a more private, written, account of my magikal dealings, but I figured I’d keep a more public one too. My magikal name is 龙凤 (LongFeng) often used as FengLong. Nevertheless, Dragon Phoenix is what I am referred to in the Otherwords. This name was given to me by the Goddess Longmu, mother of dragons…well at least the Chinese ones.

My intent is not to offend anyone with my path, however being the manic eclectic that I am, I’m sure I will eventually. If you are offended then please just leave and don’t read anymore of my posts. No need to get your karma dirty. However, I just report what I see, feel, hear, touch, smell, and yes even taste in the spiritual realm. That can mean in the astral dealing with the otherworlds or what’s right here in front of me in this corporeal realm.

You should know I am a Godspouse, spiritspouse, and have spiritual children with these deities and spirits. Sex magik is one of my main forms of magik and while I am open for discussion on such topics I don’t wish to go into too much detail about that. My other forms of magikal practices include necromancy, weather and elemental magick, spells, energy work, herbal and crystal magiks, sigils, deity worship, and music and art magik. I am constantly growing in my craft and so there will be, I’m sure, new growth to come.

I hope you can learn from my victories as well as my misfortunes. Show me respect and I’ll show you the same.

Today, as I write this, it is Yule 2020. To pay my respects I dedicate this post to Odin the Alfather. May this coming year be better than the last and may the Norse Gods bless anyone reading this. Happy witching!